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During the pandemic, people realized how important it is to have a passive source of income. Thus, they moved to the internet to start making money. Soon they realised that they can make a great amount of money by sitting in their houses through webcam modelling. That is why currently, there are so many amazing webcam models who are earning a huge amount of money each month. 

So, you can have a good career if you want to be a webcam model. The porn industry is also promoting webcam modelling through various porn sites where there is a different section for webcam models and many pornstars in the industry host shows there. If you want to be a webcam model, then there is a huge earning potential for you. 

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Look, how much money you can earn as a webcam model will depend on your capabilities. But, you can easily earn $50 to$300 per hour. But as a beginner, you should expect the earnings to be around $100 weekly. But, your growth in cam modelling will be exponential if you keep doing it. Most average webcam models can earn over $1000 per week. 

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